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A bona fide Midwesterner, Kinsey Clarke is a native of Detroit, Michigan. She finds purpose in narrative storytelling through audio and is interested in stories about how sex, identity, and human behaviour shape our connection with the world around us. Her most recent work is the Spotify-exclusive history podcast "Not Past It," and Conde Nast's fashion history podcast "In VOGUE: The 1990s."

Early in her writing career, Clarke’s work appeared online in culture and identity blogs before she graduated from Michigan State University.


Since 2015, Clarke has expansively covered race and current affairs for National Public Radio and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. She's dedicated her freelance reporting to lesbian placemakingBlack lesbian identity and global queer culture.

Clarke was a recipient of the “Best Interview” award at the Use The Right Words: Reporting On Sexual Violence Awards for her contributions to The Current’s segment on the Jian Ghomeshi sexual assault trial. She also scripted and directed her first audio documentary – about planning for her wedding and coming out as a lesbian – with the CBC Out In The Open team.


Shortly after landing in New York City in December 2019, Clarke joined the NowThis News political podcast "Who Is?" as they questioned the idea of power by looking at the people who have it.


Kinsey finds joy in hanging out with her dog Zora, thrifting, making experimental cocktails for her friends, fictional audio dramas, and finding cool things on the sidewalk. Find her on twitter at @tinykinseyscale.