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When You’re Decorating On A Budget, IKEA’s “As-Is” Section Is The Place To Shop

Image Credit: Flickr/rarye

Home decorating can be stressful and expensive, but it doesn’t have to be if you know where to look! Apartment dwellers and homeowners alike are familiar with shopping at IKEA for their household and decorating necessities, but many aren’t aware that their purchases could be reduced if they visited the As-Is section of the store. This section is usually located right before checkout, off to the side, and features a mix of heavily discounted floor models, discontinued, and returned items. As a frequent As-Is shopper, here are a few tips I’ve gathered on how to

navigate IKEA’s As-Is section:

1. Bring A Multitool

Although the furniture in the As-Is Section is already assembled, this means that you’ll have to deconstruct it a bit to fit in your vehicle. Bringing a small multitool with screwdriver bits will allow you to easily remove and transport all materials from the store to your vehicle.

2. Have An Idea Of What You Want, But Be Open To Possibilities

Since the As-Is section is constantly replenished from returns and out of date items, it’s important to keep an open mind about what you want. The sitting chair you’ve had your eye on for awhile might not be available, but a similar one at a 60 percent discount might be in the section. Although I initially wanted a Solsta sofa bed, I was able to snag a three-seat Ektorp couch -- originally $549 -- for $99 from the As-Is section.

3. Check Out The Rugs

Area rugs are expensive. But when you’re picking through the As-Is section, take a second to look at their rug selection and see if there are any discounts you can score. My most prized possession is an area rug that was originally over $200 that was discounted to $75.

4. Give Slightly Damaged Items A Second Look

Plenty of items in the As-Is section will be damaged, but it’s up to you to decide if the damage is significant. The Hemnes floor mirror that I’ve had in my apartment, regularly priced at $99, was discounted to $45 because of a small nick at the bottom of the mirror.

5. Ask The As-Is Sales Associates About The Product You’re Interested In Buying

If you’re unsure, ask! Ask why the item is discounted and if there’s anything you should be aware of before purchasing.


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