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Here’s The December Audio Fiction You Should Be Listening To

Image Credit: Flickr/SumAll

Picture this: it’s the span of time between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. The gifts are unwrapped, you’re full of food, you haven’t worn actual clothing in days and you aren’t interested in leaving the house. But, instead of queueing up Netflix to stave off boredom, you decide to try audio fiction podcasts instead. From Gimlet Media and more, here are my top four picks for December:

“Circe” (An Ostium Network Podcast)

If you enjoy the Lord of The Rings universe, this narrative urban fantasy is for you. Circe is the story of Thyra, a lesbian sorceress trapped in the modern world after a life lived on her home planet of Albion. Every chapter, Thyra recounts her story in the hopes that her powers are restored so that she may return home, and to her love. New episodes uploaded weekly.

“Margaritas & Donuts” (Observer Pictures)

The limited series Black romcom you didn’t know you needed! Here’s the synopsis:

“Josephine, a pediatrician, is pretty unlucky romantically. With a little coaxing from her best friend Katrina, Josephine starts a relationship with Malik, an ophthalmologist that works in the office across the hall from hers. Malik is exactly what Josephine needs, but she doesn't quite realize it...yet.”

“Occupy Me” (Hard NOC Media)

It’s Invasion of the Body Snatchers, but with an all-POC cast. Here’s the synopsis:

“Occupy Me is a science fiction thriller/comedy about Earth’s first contact with two alien entities. The story follows a trio of “average” Earthlings who cross paths with the extraterrestrial visitors and learn of their parallel missions: one seeking discovery, the other scheming towards galactic domination.”

New episodes updated monthly.

“The Two Princes” (Season 2, Gimlet Media)

If you missed Gimlet Media’s groundbreaking LGBT fantasy drama The Two Princes when it dropped in June, here’s your chance to catch up. After princes Rupert and Amir defeat the forces encroaching on their opposing kingdoms and finally admit their love for each other, a “happily ever after” draws near as their wedding day approaches. Here’s the rest of the synopsis:

“But on the eve of their wedding, a powerful sorceress named Malkia invades their kingdom. Driven from their castle, the princes set off on a quest to collect an assortment of magical items that will give them the power to defeat Malkia and save their realm. The Two Princes is written by Kevin Christopher Snipes and directed by Mimi O’Donnell.”

The entire second season of The Two Princes drops December 11.



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