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I Have An Announcement

Image Credit: Flickr/SumAll


Starting Monday, I'll be a podcast producer for VOGUE Magazine.

If you've been following my journey online over the past five years, you've seen me go through a lot of shit: coming out, a marriage, a divorce, moving across borders, starting over from scratch.

You've seen my highs and my lows. You've seen me when I'm vulnerable. It's difficult to put into perspective how appreciative I am of the outpouring of support I've gotten since I started my journalism career, but I'm going to try: I am thankful for everyone who has rallied for me, sent me job listings, advocated on my behalf, sent money when times were tough, shared my content, and sent kind words when I couldn't see the point of anything past my bed. I'm thankful for those who pushed me to be better in my craft.

I took a leap of faith on December 17, 2019 when I packed four bags and moved from Detroit to NYC without a job lined up. Unlike my first time bouldering, I've fallen a few times since then. I've gotten back up, too. Without community, I wouldn't be here.

Remember when musical artists used to reserve the final track of their album as a dedication to the people who supported them? I miss that and I think publicly and loudly showing gratitude to the people who have been about you should make a comeback. Let's bring it back. I'm so excited to share this next part of my career with you.




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